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Centro de Endoscopia


Sigmoidoscopy is a screening examination of the lower gastrointestinal, or digestive, tract to visually examine the rectum and the sigmoid (the most distal part of the colon).

This procedure helps in diagnosing:

* Early stage of cancer

* Tumors

* Polyps

* Abscesses

* Hemorrhoids

* Causes of bleeding

* Cause of pain

* Other.

During the study, tissue samples can be taken for histopathological examination (a microscopic examination of tissue in order to study the presence of disease).

Centro de Endoscopia


You will be explained the procedure in detail.

* We will get a brief medical history from you (allergies and reactions to medications, history of past surgeries or previous studies).

* Your vital signs will be checked.

* You may be given medication (a light sedative) to help you relax during the procedure.


You will be asked to lie down on your side with your knees bent.

* The endoscope is lubricated and is then inserted into your anus. You may feel pressure and cramping. Take slow, deep breaths to ease the discomfort.

* The lower digestive tract will be examined. The examination takes about 1 hour for the colonoscopy and about 15 minutes for the sigmoidoscopy.


You will rest until the effect of the sedative wears off. You may feel bloated. You may need a special diet if a polyp was removed.

Are these procedures risky?

Since complications are very rare, the risks are considered minimal. Overall, the benefits of these procedures are much greater than any risk.

Your physician can provide you with more information.


*Nothing to eat 8 hours prior to your study.

* No aspirin or iron vitamins/supplements for a week.

* Maintain a liquid diet for 24 hours before the study.

* Drink a jar of X-PREP at 3 pm on the day prior to the study.

* Take 2 enemas using a liter of lukewarm water at least 2 hours before the study.

* If on expelling the water from the enema, the water is dirty, take one more enema.

* We have an oral preparation as an alternative to the enema. Ask for it.

* Please note that bowel cleaning is very important for a thorough examination.



Centro de Endoscopia Centro de Endoscopia
Centro de Endoscopia Centro de Endoscopia