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How it's done?

1) Patient Reception

When you arrive at Centro de Endoscopia del Sureste, one of our assistants will greet you and will take note of some of the information necessary for your clinical record, we will even take your picture... smile!

2) Preparation for the endoscopy

When you are called in for the endoscopy, one of our assistants will weigh you, assign you to a room, explain the procedure and will prepare an IV line so that the physician can administer the medications required for your procedure.

3) During the endoscopy study

Minutes before the endoscopy begins, the doctor will ask you a few brief questions. You will be administered oxygen, and your oxigen and heart rate levels will be measured at all times.
Throughout the study you will be always monitored by the physician and by our assistants.

4) Recovery time

At the end of the procedure, our staff will take you to your recovery room where you will remain resting until you feel fully recovered from the sedation. While you recover we will monitor you at all times.

5) While leaving

By the time you leave, our receptionists will give you your endoscopic report and will let you know if the doctor considered it necessary to take biopsies.

6) Post endoscopy care

After the study some patients may experience discomfort in the throat or bloating due to the air administered during the examination. This will pass as time elapses, only in a few cases is taking some pain reliever required to lessen such discomfort. Unless you are indicated otherwise, you will be able to eat a soft diet for 1 hour after completion of the procedure. If you received sedatives, you will not be allowed to drive after the procedure even though you do not feel tired. You should plan that a person accompanies you home because the sedatives may affect your judgment and reflexes for the rest of the day.

Centro de Endoscopia


Centro de Endoscopia del Sureste has been distinguished by a continuous progress since its beginning, setting the pace in the endoscopic procedures in the Southeast, and being always at the forefront of worldwide technology.

Our endoscopic equipment are the most modern and advanced, thus obtaining greater precision in the diagnosis. The reports are prepared on special paper with the photographs of the injuries of the patient, allowing the doctor to get a better idea of the condition and therefore provide a better treatment.

Centro de Endoscopia del Sureste is the only place dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and endoscopic treatment of different gastrointestinal diseases.